5 Questions To Ask A Periodontist

The experience and expertise of the periodontist greatly impact the overall outcome of your oral and dental procedures. These dentists specialize in treating gum problems efficiently. If you are experiencing symptoms of bleeding or swollen gums, you must visit a periodontist in Norristown, PA. They suggest a tailored solution that helps to ease pain. During your initial consultation, there are certain questions that you must ask from a periodontist. This article highlights the top 5 questions you can ask your periodontist. Here we go! 

Must-ask questions from a periodontist 

1. What are some common problems that a periodontist treats?  

During the initial consultation with your periodontist, ask them about different dental problems treated. Periodontists are majorly involved to diagnose and treat gum problems. They also treat conditions like bleeding gums, missing teeth, advanced periodontitis, painful chewing, bad breath, and others. 

2. What are the different technologies you use? 

Diagnosing and treating a patient with gum problems includes using different kinds of technology. A periodontist uses various dental tools and equipment to effectively diagnose and treat underlying gum problems. During your consultation, ask your periodontist about 3D imaging and CT scans. Additionally, ask if these procedures are done in the clinic or not.  

3. How many years of experience do you have to have as a periodontist? 

Before becoming a periodontist, all professionals undergo an undergraduate degree from a renowned dental school. Some states also conduct a specific examination. It is highly recommended to ask your periodontist about their expertise and overall experience. If the periodontist has 3-5 years of experience or more, you can consider them. 

4. What will happen during the initial appointment? 

If you are visiting a periodontist for an appointment, knowing what is going to happen is important as it prepares you mentally. You may also ask questions like the convenient office hours, if the process is going to be painful, and more. 

5. What are your treatment charges? 

When you first visit your periodontist, ask them about their consultation fee. This helps to establish transparency and ensures you do not end up overpaying. Compare the prices of different periodontists before making the final call.

Wrapping Up 

A periodontist takes proper care of your gums and ensures you do not face any gum problems. When you visit them, you can start the conversation by asking these top questions.