5 Tips for Revising Maths with a Free Math Worksheet

I have read many study and revision tips for Mathematics. The subject has always been my weakest area of study. Moreover, Maths is a challenging subject to revise. Hence, I have compiled the effective methods to do Math revision that my primary Maths tutor practised with me. These methods helped me better comprehend topics and formulae better. The following are some revision techniques that I found helped me at A-Level.

#1 Highlight the Topic According To Its Difficulty

Everyone will find some portions of Math more challenging than others. Therefore, I propose reviewing your instructions with your onsite or online math tutor in Singapore. Select three distinct colours to emphasise the areas. Colour code them as easy, medium and hard so you can identify the most challenging questions and equations. It let me address my weakest topics more thoroughly.

#2 Compile Past Papers On Specific Topics

I found that putting the questions together into various subjects and then tackling blocks of these questions helped with my Maths review. Look through your notes on a specific topic and then work through a handful of questions with your primary Maths tutor. Grouping the questions and equations according to their subject will help you better focus and understand each topic thoroughly.

#3 Make Formulae/Equations Flashcards Or Posters

Every student must memorise several formulae and equations in Math, and I am no exception to that rule. Look for a primary or secondary Math tutor around Singapore that can help you prepare flashcards and other materials. I placed the fundamental equations for each unit to help me remember them. Then, I would look through these cards whenever I had a spare moment. You may even write them on posters and hang them throughout your room or home.

#4 Answer Past Papers In Timed Conditions

Many lose track of how much time they spend studying exam papers from the previous years for their Math revision. Timing myself when doing old examinations allowed me to assess if I take longer than the time I would have for the test. Aside from old papers, I also practised on a free math worksheet to ensure I got every formula down to a pat.

#5 Study With Friends

Working over questions from a free math worksheet with friends can assist you in determining if you comprehend Math. One of the most straightforward ways to determine if you understand something is to try to explain it to someone else. Moreover, studying with friends let me discover that the methods some of them use are much quicker solutions than what I have been using. Also, if you encounter particularly challenging questions, working together will increase your chances of finding an answer.

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