A complete review of Spectrum TV: the good, bad and ugly.

Spectrum service is perfect for nomads in every manner. If you sign the contract, you are free from any termination fee, and the firm also assists you in terminating your current providers’ contract. Furthermore, if you’re not satidfied with the service of Spectrum, you can always ask for your money back within 30 days of your subscription. You will receive a refund. Even though Spectrum’s packages have a heavy price tag attached to them, there are many benefits to the services that make up for it. You need to be aware of the customer service section of Spectrum. The scores in this section have been mixed, with customers in the West reporting high satisfaction levels. Despite that, experts recommend that customers look to all of the TV companies serving in their area, check reviews, and then make a sound decision.

The cost of the Spectrum packages primarily depends on the number of channels they provide to the customer.

Plans of charter Spectrum cable

Spectrum tv select

  • The monthly price is $45.
  • You will get over 125 channels.
  • The public channels included in this plan are HGTV, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, FOX, ESPN, and ABC, to name a few.

Spectrum TV Silver

  • The monthly price is $65.
  • You will get over 175 channels.
  • The popular channels included in this plan are Disney XD, Nick Jr., NFL Network, NBA TV, MLB, etc. The channels that are part of Spectrum TV select are also a part of the Spectrum TV silver.

Spectrum TV gold

  • The monthly price is $85.
  • You will get over 200 channels.
  • The popular channels included in this plan are EPIX, HBO, BBC world news, boomerang, etc. The tracks that are a part of the Spectrum TV silver network are also a part of this package.

Spectrum says that customers can enjoy the best home entertainment by signing up for their services. They implicate customers receiving a diverse channel range and cutting-edge entertainment technology. However, their statement cannot be wholly relied on. Even though they claim to be the greatest and best in the home entertainment sector, they prove it right on specific accounts. If you opt for the bundle option of Spectrum, you will get everything you need to subscribe to all your favorite networks. You will also receive some premium channels. However, there are no mind-blowing exclusives when it comes to Spectrum. When you check DirecTV sports subscription, it even has a fantasy football channel. This feature allows the customers to recap games in a commercial-free manner. It also shows out-of-market games to the customer. When Spectrum claims that they are the best in home entertainment, customers expect something like DirecTV offers. However, in this regard, Spectrum will disappoint you.

There is another major disadvantage with opting for Spectrum. The website does not have complete details about their DVR system. Other parameters of the same niche provide DVR to record 16 episodes simultaneously and store over 300 hours of video and have Netflix integration. If you choose to go for Spectrum, their DVR service may be sufficient but do not expect yourself to be amazed by the features.

What are the advantages of opting for Spectrum TV?

  • The best part about opting for Spectrum TV is that there is no contract. There is nothing binding you to the company for a period of one or two years. Thus, there is no termination fee to worry about either.
  • The installation of their equipment is completely free.
  • You will also avail of a DVR or receiver for free.

The disadvantages of opting for Spectrum TV

  • The customer service needs a ton of improvement
  • The DVR equipment provided by the company is fundamental

Highlights of opting for Spectrum TV

The customers do not have any commitments to sign, and there is an option of 30-day money back if you’re not happy with the services. The moneyback option and the absence of commitment make up for the two of the most notable features of Spectrum. If you are unsatisfied with the services Spectrum has provided, you can also terminate the benefits without worrying about paying them a termination fee. If you cancel within a 30 day duration, you will also get your money back.

All plans of Spectrum are completely contract-free. This makes them unique. If you are stuck in a short-term living scenario, having a TV service void of any contract is a pleasant luxury. Whether you are a college student with a temporary living condition, in the military are planning to relocate soon, this option is the perfect one for you.

Spectrum also provides the option of covering up for your termination fee with another cable-TV service provider up to $500 with the contract buyout option. However, it would help if you either opted for the double play or triple play package to avail this benefit.