A Crazy Trend Of Alcohol-Soaked Tampons

What is it about?

There is a crazy trend going around these days where teenagers are soaking tampons with alcohol to get high. Some cases have been found where alcohol has been found in the bloodstreams of teenagers and young adults but no trace of alcohol was found in the stomach or the gut. It has very severe effects on the health of teenage girls and whoever practicing it. 

How is this practice performed?

In this bizarre trend, female teenagers soak their tampons in alcohol, typically vodka, and then insert the tampons. This is very similar to the ‘butt-chugging’ trend, where the teenagers and young adults use funnels to carry alcohol straight into their bodies through the rectum. The saturated tampons allow alcohol to flow freely into their bloodstreams via the vaginal canal. They usually leave the tampons in place for a while until the intoxication sets in before they remove them.

Why are alcohol-soaked tampons used?

Many participating are teenagers and young adults who live with their parents or guardians because they are not able to get intoxicated due to the restrictions. As a result of the many restrictions imposed on them, the teenagers seek for other ways to get drunk. Teens use alcohol-soaked tampons for a variety of reasons, including:

1. To clear the breath slayer test

A breath slayer is a device who was invented by Robert Frank Brokenstein in 1954 to calculate the amount of blood present in our body. When teenagers want to hide their alcohol exposure while still wanting to get drunk, they find various ways to get the alcohol into their bloodstreams, such as by inserting alcohol-soaked tampons.

2. To avoid Upsetting taste of alcohol

Even if most teenagers dislike the taste of a specific brand or type of alcohol, they may desire to get drunk to experience the numbing effects of alcohol on their body. Alcohol-soaked tampons can be inserted through their vaginal/anuses, bypassing their taste buds and into their bloodstreams.

3. For faster results 

There is an ongoing belief that alcohol is absorbed faster through mucous membranes than through the stomach. As a result, when young adults want to get drunk fast, they choose for the quickest alternative, which is soaking tampons in alcohol.