Exploring Tuition Learning Centres For My Child: A Story About My Experience

People have different needs and preferences when choosing tuition learning centres. One parent might put a premium on long-term skills and expertise and will trust the centre that has already been in the industry since day one. On the other side of the fence, a parent might have no strict preferences because all they want is proximity because they need to maximise their daily schedule as a family. In short, there is no best or better in this context because it depends on your needs. 

I would love to share my experience looking for a learning facility for my child. My goal is to help parents and anyone else in the same situation. 


Being a first-time parent means wanting the best things for my child: A home that makes them secure, necessities that help them get through life, a school that will shape their intelligence and emotions, and a learning centre in Singapore to help them achieve more than they could. Because of this, one of my goals was to secure their academic success, and luckily, they did not have any problems in kindergarten or warning signs. It was more on maximising what they already had.


You might say there is no problem because my child did not have performance issues or other negative traits about their learning habits. However, I see this as one because there is more than going to school and finishing their work. With this, I saw the idea of joining maths tuition in Singapore as an additional task that would unleash my child’s potential. You can see this as turning the 90% into a hundred. Also, it does not mean undermining their efforts but more on striving more for the possibility of reaching greater heights. I am not in the place to invalidate my child. 


At first, my child was a bit adamant about joining an English tuition centre in Singapore because they can get tired from time to time. You might ask: Why English? I would prefer them to focus on one subject, than a general programme, because the child can get the attention they need. Of course, taking two or more subjects is fine, but it can be tiring and overwhelming for the child if you fail to manage your schedule. 


The journey doesn’t end after signing up for the classes and joining the first session at the learning centre. In fact, consistency is one thing most parents and children overlook, and I am glad I was able to avoid making that mistake. I made sure my child attends the weekly classes and does their assignments. Also, absences were fine with me as long as I notified the teacher and it was a valid excuse. 

Those are some of the things I did to reach great results and let my child unleash their potential in school and life. On top of that, I gave them emotional support to shape their mindset and help them manage things. If you wish to experience the same rewards, visit The Junior Learners Learning Centre