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Five most expensive places to purchase property in Dorset


In the south of England in the county of Dorset people will find the coastal town of Poole. Some of the distinguishing features of this town is the sandy beaches as well as the extensive natural harbor. One of the attractions is the Poole Museum but there are also several beautiful Georgian houses especially in the Old Town. There are wooded areas with lots of trails which provide people with the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and to see a selection of wildlife. Another landmark is the16th-century Brownsea Castle which has been turned into a private hotel. Upmarket properties can cost as much as £5.7 million.


Also in Dorset is the county town of Dorchester. This little town is situated between Bridport and Poole while the A35 trunk route is also very close by. Dorchester has been a market town for several centuries and it is located on the banks of the River Frome not too far from South Dorset Ridgeway and Dorset Downs. Other towns in the area is Weymouth. There is also the suburb of Fordington as well as the small town of Poundbury. People have settled in this area many centuries ago and in fact it is known that there was also a Roman garrison in the area. Properties can cost as much as £3.9 million.


The town of Christchurch is also located in Dorset where it covers a region measuring 19.5 mi.² allowing the town to support a population of approximately 50,000 people. Other towns in the region is New Forest and Bournemouth. Over the centuries Christchurch used to be part of the county of Hampshire. However, between the years of 1974 and 2019 Christchurch was a borough which was part of the administrative county of Dorset where after it finally became part of the new Poole, Christchurch and Bournemouth unitary authority. People can expect to pay £3,000,000 for properties in this region.


The small peninsula known as Sandbanks is crossing the mouth of Poole Harbour which is located on the English Channel coast. This is in Poole in Dorset. Most people are fully aware of the very high property prices but Sandbanks is also quite famous because of its award-winning beach. Less than two decades ago Sandbanks was fourth on the list of places globally as far as land area by value is concerned. Many people are speaking about Canford Cliffs and Sandbanks as the Palm Beach of England. People can also use the Sandbanks Ferry to reach places such as Studland which is just across the mouth of the harbor. People can expect to pay £2,7,000,000 for properties in this area.


Another popular area in Dorset is Lilliput which is a district of Poole which is close to places like Whitecliff, Lower Parkstone, Canford Cliffs and Sandbanks. From its shore line there is extraordinary views of Purbeck Hills as well as Brownsea Island which is the place where Baden Powell’s international Scouting movement started. It is therefore not surprising that was the host town for several scouting camps. Furthermore, Lilliput was Britain’s only civilian air route during the second world war. Properties in this region can cost £2,4,000,000