How to Choose an LED Bathroom Mirror

In most bathrooms, a tiny window lets in natural light; thus, you must rely mainly on your permanent light fixtures. Although nothing is wrong with this, it may result in a darker bathroom than you would want. Placing a bathroom mirror on the wall is a straightforward solution. How this reflects light ensures that you will be welcomed with a bright space that brings positivity every time you enter.

Visit a shop specializing in the home renovation or interior design to locate a vast range of bathroom-appropriate mirrors. You may also let your builder or contractor use a conventional builder’s grade mirror. Standard mirrors may be adequate, but they lack the character and individuality you and your bathroom need.

Customizing your mirrors enables you to choose the desired size, shape, and overall design. You may also decorate your bathroom with ornate mirrors, spherical mirrors, oval mirrors, or mirrors that cover the full wall behind your vanity.

Select mirrors of the appropriate size as a starting point. The mirror should be positioned a few inches above the eye level of the restroom’s tallest person. This positioning guarantees that you and other family members have the finest view while grooming and dressing in front of the mirror.

Another way a customized mirror might enhance the functionality of your bathroom is by adding storage space. Consider installing cabinets with mirrors over your vanity. These cabinets provide the necessary mirror surface and storage space for toiletries.

If your bathroom has a window, have your contractor put the vanity and mirrors on the wall opposite the window. This orientation guarantees that natural light from the window permeates the space and bounces off the mirrors, enhancing the bathroom’s lighting and brightening the area.

While the bathroom lacks a window, place many mirrors around the space. Also, consider adding a mirror in the bathroom, such as above the bathtub. Additionally, choose mirrors with beveled edges, which reflect additional light throughout the bathroom.

Continue reading the infographic below from Remer to learn how to choose an LED bathroom mirror.