How To Prepare For Your Balayage Hair Appointment In Singapore

Your hair can do more than protect your scalp from foreign bodies and infections, produce pheromones, regulate body temperature, and cushion your head. Your luscious locks can also affect your appearance and confidence—especially if you look after and pamper them using conditioners, oils, and services like a perm, rebonding treatment, or hair highlight from your trusted Singapore hair salon. Among the numerous hair styling services residents like you can get in Lion City, the balayage hair colouring technique is arguably one of the trendiest procedures that have been enhancing hair appearance for years. If you plan on getting this service, you may wonder what it is and how you can prepare for your upcoming hair appointment.

What Is Balayage, And Does It Suit You?

According to John Frieda, a famous British celebrity hairstylist, balayage is the French word for ‘to sweep’. It is a popular hair colouring method that uses hand-painted or sweeping motions to create highlights in different hair sections. After a balayage hair treatment, clients often notice that their crowning glory has gotten a soft and natural-looking radiant glow that makes their hair look more luscious. Many expert hairstylists and hairdressers claim anyone can get a balayage in Singapore. Due to its natural-looking effects and customisable features, virtually everyone can get balayage hair highlights despite of age, gender, hair colour, or type. [image recommendation start]

4 Tips For Preparing For Your Balayage Hair Appointment

If you are considering getting a balayage colour treatment in Singapore, you will need to do some prep work a day or two before your appointment. Doing so can be tedious, but it will ensure the colouring technique’s effectiveness and allow you and your hairstylist to dodge mishaps that can damage your hair or scalp. To help you prepare for your upcoming balayage hair appointment, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

1. Learn About Balayage

Before scheduling a visit and arriving at your trusted hair salon, research everything you can about the balayage hair colouring technique. Doing so will allow you to ensure that the service suits your needs and preferences while setting realistic expectations about it.

2. Do A Patch Test

If you have not coloured or bleached your hair before, you should consider doing a patch test at least 48 hours before your balayage appointment in Singapore. Performing this check will help ensure that you are not allergic to any hair colouring product necessary for a balayage.

3. Arrive With Clean Hair

If you want your balayage hair appointment to go smoothly, do not use any hair product before your salon visit. You should also avoid washing your hair the day of your colouring treatment to ensure that your hair and scalp are well-moisturised.

4. Communicate With Your Hairstylist

Your hairdresser will not know what you want in a balayage hair treatment if you do not talk to them about it. Before they begin colouring your hair, say what highlight shade you want and show a few photos of balayage hair your stylist can use as inspiration. Black Hair Salon is a trusted hair colouring salon that can help you achieve your desired balayage hair look. Check out its website to learn about its balayage expertise.