Lesser-Known Traffic Signs That You Should Know About

ave you ever driven down the street having no street signs? Vehicles in all directions you look, each hoping to find a way through the chaos. Well, that’s what happens when you have no signs and rules to follow. Road rules and regulations have been set up to curtail such problems on the road and offer security.

Traffic signs are not just for road users; they’re also essential for travellers who set foot on the road. Providing drivers a complete understanding of these signs is necessary for preventing accidents and injuries. The vast majority of road accidents are caused by motorists violating traffic signs and rules.

Mandatory Signs

Mandatory signs are sometimes referred to as regulatory signs. They are signs that inform drivers that they must follow the regulations of the controlled space. These signs are most often put on a round board in the roadway. This sign indicates that you are not allowed to stop your vehicle on the road. Stopping your vehicle on such roads may disrupt traffic and cause a traffic jam.

This sign means that if your truck is over the limit or exceeds the height restriction, you cannot go ahead at that spot for safety reasons. This sign specifies the maximum amount of axle load that can be carried on the bridge.

Cautionary Signs

Plain graph boards can be set up on the road as a warning so that drivers are able to be alert to any dangers they could come across. This is to ensure the driver is alert and prepared for any hazard or predicament. Such boards are commonly triangularly shaped:

This “Staggered intersection” sign indicates that there is a short distance gap between the right turn and the left turn on this road. Crossing the road is not allowed at such an intersection.

This sign is to warn the driver that one is coming up to a major road, which could have faster driving. That sign indicates that there will probably be loose pebbles and stones spread across the road. Such signboards are frequently found in hilly places.

This stop sign is placed near a school to give drivers an opportune moment to slow down when children are walking across the road.

Informative Signs

Signs displayed along roadways have blue-coloured each text and graphic to indicate directions, destinations, etc..

No such throughway – This sign indicates that an viaway does not stop, and there is no route out of this route. This indication is erected at the start of such tracks.

Flood gauge – This sign is placed on the road near bodies of water. It indicates the water level and warns the driver to slow down.

Park both sides – This sign is traditionally installed on the parking area. It notifies a driver that both, the driver’s side and the driver’s side are permitted to park.


Ignoring traffic signs on the road could have serious consequences as it can lead to traffic accidents. So, be certain to follow all the traffic signs and obey all the road rules because it’ll assist you to keep yourself and others safe.