Mist Disinfectant: 5 Awesome Benefits of Biocair Disinfection in Singapore

Preventing the spread of COVID-19 and other airborne illnesses requires a different approach than simply cleaning your home. Not all germs, pathogens, and other contaminants can get eliminated by manual cleaning alone. Key to preventing the spread of these dangerous contaminants and maintaining a clean home is disinfecting with quality chemicals. Getting a mist disinfection machine is one of the most effective solutions for disinfecting a home. Read on to discover the advantages.

1. Boosts Health and Overall Well-Being

Biocair sterilisation systems in Singapore eradicate bacteria, enhancing the environment for those with allergies or asthma. It can eliminate other harmful particles and gases—reducing the likelihood of people contracting a disease or infection. Fogging your home kills viruses, bacteria, and germs, including coronavirus, that may be hiding in inaccessible areas of your home. Incorporating disinfectant fogging after exposure to an airborne illness can help keep household members healthy.

2. Deodorise Living Spaces

An air spray disinfectant can eliminate odours and leave your home smelling fresher than ever before. Garbage, food, and tobacco smoke odours get neutralised by mist disinfection. Utilise a disinfectant fog to refresh your home. Overall, fogging your home can provide the peace of mind that your family is away from potentially harmful contaminants.

3. Quick Processing Periods

Most areas that require disinfection get occupied frequently. It indicates that it is difficult for individuals to keep traffic down during disinfection. And rapid disinfection is needed to minimise disruptions. Various disinfection techniques necessitate considerable application and drying time. Due to the dispersion of the air spray disinfectant into minute particles, the mist disinfection application process is rapid, as surfaces are left immediately dry.

4. Kill Airborne Allergens and Fungi

Seasonal allergies outside result in allergens and fungi tracked into the house. Indoor allergens and spores can make allergy season last longer and aggravate respiratory conditions like asthma. Fogging your home with a disinfection machine can eliminate allergens, mould spores, and fungi spores. By disinfecting your home after the spring or fall allergy season, you can prevent your allergies from persisting after the season has ended.

5. No Extensive Work is Required

Other approaches, such as manual cleaning, are highly susceptible to human error. A spot is contaminated if the disinfectant does not touch it. With a mist disinfection machine, it is not the operator’s responsibility to deliver the active components. Even hard-to-reach areas get disinfected by the system, which spreads the chemicals automatically until the cycle is complete.

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