More emphasis should be placed on girl child education in India

It used to be common to find Indian girls being married off to older men as second, third, fourth, and even fifth wives. When they were married, they were maltreated and made to give birth to many children. So many girls in ancient India really had to go through a lot of hardships in such marriages. This led to most of these girls who couldn’t handle the pain committing suicide. Well, Girl Child Education in India was sidelined. Things are changing, however, thanks to the efforts of a few bodies. Girls are now allowed to attend school in most parts of India, and those who cannot afford a good education receive financial assistance.

You can help too

So, you have heard about this good work and want to help as well. Well, it is possible. You can also help and have a good time pushing girls to see the better side of life. How? You can visit the websites of the best and most reliable NGOs that are known for helping girls genuinely and donate to their cause. No amount for these NGOs is too small. All they need is the right people to put in the right money and supplies to ensure they can also help these girls. After you make your donation, things do not end there. When you give to help, you are not left in the dark. You will be sent reports to show how your investment or donation has gone into transforming the lives of these girls in one way or the other. This is one of the ways you can feel like you also did something to change the life of someone. It is always refreshing to know.

Amazing achievements that spell perfection

Do you know that Nanhi Kali reached a milestone of being able to help 450,000 girls go to school in the year 2018? Well, this means that the lives of over 450,000 girls have been changed since the beginning of this initiative. This means the project is doing something. Today, many of these girls have become strong leaders in their communities, also pushing for other girls to take on education. When a girl is educated, a nation is educated. That is one thing that has always been proven to be the best way to make a country’s economy grow stronger. The teaching methods mostly include the use of detailed novel teaching activities and tools like group games, telling stories, and so on. This makes the process of learning very exciting and fun too. This project follows up on these girls to make sure nothing leads to their dropping out of school. This is done as the community and parents are worked with closely. There is a lot being done to spread awareness about the education of girl children. That means India is one country that will have women spearheading affairs in many industries in no time.


The days of girls being married off, crying and feeling less human in India are supposed to be gone by now. It is true that there are some people still holding on to this lifestyle as a culture for their families. Well, this can stop. That is where girl child education in India sponsorship should be taken as a vital part of making an impact. That helps a lot.