Popular birthday flowers 

One way to commemorate a birthday is by presenting someone with flowers. Birthday parties have always included gifts. In Greek tradition, the presents were originally given to the person’s guardian spirit. As a customary part of commemorating someone’s birthday, people nowadays present them with gifts. Contact flower delivery kuala lumpur for flower delivery.

A list of the best birthday flowers

The Rose The Rose must be included on any list of the best flowers for every occasion. In the world of flowers, roses are among the most popular. The Rose may be over 35 million years old, according to some evidence! The Rose was first grown in China. It’s no surprise that this flower has a devoted following, given its illustrious past.


They contain six petals, three of which fall outward and three of which stand upright. You can also choose among irises that have beards or ones that don’t. Most irises were blue or purple. However, the number of colors available has increased dramatically during the last few decades.


Lilies comprise an estimated 80 to 100 different species of flower. The Liliaceae family includes all of these species, all belonging to the Lilium genus. We’ve included the lily’s scientific profile to highlight the flower’s wide range of variations. The information you’re about to learn isn’t going to be tested later.


Orchids are another flower with a wide range of colors and shapes to choose from. Orchids can be found in 25,000 to 30,000 different varieties around the world! There is a third of these in the tropics. Orchids, on the other hand, can grow in any part of the world. Vanilla even has its origins in an orchid.


The marigold may seem out of place amongst this list’s more flamboyant selections. There are many different sizes and shapes of these multi-petaled flowers. The most common hues are red, orange, or a combination of the two. Marigolds can be found in gardens across the country. Order marigolds from penang florist.


Sun is visible in the name. The flower is most commonly associated with big stalks of yellow and black blossoms. Modern sunflowers come in a wide range of sizes and hues, as you can imagine.

Gerbera Daisies 

The daisy family includes the gerbera, which is a type of gerbera. Traugott Gerber, a botanist and physician of the 18th century, inspired the name. The Gerbera daisy is sometimes referred to as the African daisy.


Tulips are a common choice for a wide range of events. When it’s springtime, you’ll find them everywhere. The tulip is not only linked with springtime but also with the ideal kind of love. Tulip bouquets are a classic choice for spring birthdays. Birthdays are the perfect time to offer these flowers to your closest friends and family.


Larkspur, the nine-pointed bird Flowers of the larkspur family bloom in towering, blue-purple spikes. Numerous tiny blooms compose each growth. They work together to form the big, eye-catching stalks that can be the centerpiece of a birthday floral arrangement.


Finally, there’s the gladiolus, which blooms in the spring. Flowers with long stems, such as gladioli, are another example. A similar arrangement of tiny blooms forms the stalks of the gladiolus and the larkspur. In terms of shape, gladiolus and larkspur are very similar. However, the combination of the two creates a stunning floral display.