Silly astrology myths you always believed to be true!

Astrology is one of the oldest sciences on the planet. In its long winding course flowing through countless civilizations. Through the ages, countless astrologers have enriched this doctrine. It has seen the rise and fall of cultures and kingdoms. Hence, it is of no doubt that in its own tenure it has accumulated very peculiar beliefs and myths. You may ask, what myths? Well, throughout the flow of time, we have seen the rise and fall of a lot of prejudices and practices. Yet, some of these outdated prejudices have not left astrology, thus becoming silly myths. And yes, there is a considerable population that still holds and nurtures them in blind faith or fear. Let us unshackle ourselves from some of those thoughts via this blog.

  1. Astrologers are Know-it-all: This is such a common bias that is still widely believed. Astrologers are just mortals, not gods. They have no supernatural abilities. As a result, visiting as an astrologer with an expectation to have every puzzle of your life unraveled is a mere dream.
  1.  Some planets are inherently evil: Every mortal being has both light and darkness in their soul. Nobody is entirely moral or malefic. Just like that, no planet is completely good or bad in our natal chart. It is the position rather than just the planet that decides if it’s going to be favorable to you or not. This is why, when dealing with horoscopes or birth charts, it is best to have an expert astrologer read and decipher them.
  2. Astrologers are the same as psychics: This is another myth about little understanding of the subject. Astrologers can simply read your planetary positions and advice based on that, rather than a psychic who has presumably mind-reading capabilities.
  3. Astrologers can dole out doomsday predictions: This is a serious one. No legitimate astrologer will ever talk about such things. They may warn you of any imminent danger but this subject is not ever designed to pinpoint someone’s death day with certainty. Never believe this or let this myth keep you away from consulting an expert. If there is any problem, The expert will most of the time have some remedy for it.
  4. Astrology has occult ties: If some individuals believe that astrologers are godly, some harbor the belief that astrology has ties with the paranormal or occult. This is equally wrong and could not be farther from the truth. Astrology deals with planets and their energies only while paranormal deals with the undead and spirituals. As for the occult, it is a forbidden magic stream. Neither of these two has any connection with the science called astrology.
  5. Astrological signs are all we need: Despite the popularity of the term star signs among the media as of late, only knowing your star sign won’t tell you much about your other fields. Your sun sign is only the part that’s external and easy to see. It gives away a tiny bit of info. For a more in-depth probe into you and your future, goals, etc. Astrologers opt for the Kundli or birth chart. This chart shows the positions of all the planets as they were at the time of your birth and also carries the moon and the rising sign.
  6. Kundli Milan or compatibility check is a hoax: This thought is quite recent. Especially on the west side of the world. A lot of youngsters opine that it is bogus but if it were really so, would it be trusted for so many years? Love compatibility will help you find your ideal partner or make things even better with your current partner when correctly done. That being said, it is a supplement not a replacement for human efforts.
  7. Astrology has all the answers, why should you bother trying: Like the previous point states, astrology is a supplement to make your life better. No remedies or gemstones ever offered can overtake the supreme power of free will. If anything, astrology will help boost your confidence to help you achieve your dream life.
  8. Astrology is not real: A group of nay-Sayers has always mocked astrology to be pseudoscience without ever knowing its history. It is high time we become more accepting of the subject as a whole.

Astrology is a fascinating and fun world that is still not unclothed from all its mysteries and that’s one of the reasons some of these myths exist today. Hopefully, this blog has done its part in trying to open the reader’s eyes to the amazement that is astrology.