The Story of Denture Relines 

A denture is a set of artificial teeth that individuals use when they lose their natural teeth. They can be of various types depending upon the requirements of an individual. A complete denture is fixed in nature, giving shelter to all teeth, whereas a removable one only replaces one or two. 

During the tenure of wearing a denture, a denture reline is carried out by dental professionals. It is usually carried out so that a denture can fit more comfortably. Realigning a denture is necessary so that dentures do not lose their grip and provide the required benefits to the individuals. 

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Why should I get my dentures realigned periodically? 

When a dentist removes a tooth, its root gets irritated with time. So, the body performs various functions to cope with the changes in the body. 

If an individual is wearing dentures, then periodic relining is required as the grip is loosened due to the constant change in the shape of the gums and jawline. The dentures lose their grip during these changes, so the realignment is carried out. 

The realignment process is done at a specific time and continues for the rest of the patient’s life. Hence, the realignment is necessary to give a good fit in the mouth of patients. 

Types of Realignment 

  • Soft denture realignment 

Most dentists prefer soft denture realignment materials. This material is more comfortable for patients and is durable. It can be easily done at a dental office using a liquid polymer to give the required depth to the denture. 

  • Hard denture reline 

Hard denture realignment is considered more durable than soft ones. The process of both materials is the same; only the durability differs. A hard denture realignment can also be done in the dental office or a laboratory. 

Most dentists prefer hard relining only in certain specific cases where the patient can cope with the base of the material. 


Realignment of dentures is an extensive process that is done periodically for the well-being of the patients. The main purpose of this procedure is to give a tight fit in the patient’s mouth so that they can perform daily life functions properly.