The Truth About Home Interior Design in Singapore – The Style Design

Interior design is a major project, and many have wondered about unlocking the secrets of how they can transform their place into a livable and comfortable home. Perhaps you might start wondering what it takes to get the best interior design in Singapore. Creating a strong impression emphasising beauty and sophistication with functionality is a tough challenge.

Understanding The Truth About Interior Design

Interior design is more than just changing the outfit layout of your home. It goes beyond the borders of mere ‘makeover decoration’, even a simple BTO renovation can be broad in itself. It should embody the principle of designs to fulfil an ideal home that speaks comfort and utility apart from aesthetics. The elements are the raw materials that will help you achieve the ideal design ideas for your home. Most of these elements are:
  • Colour
  • Space
  • Texture
  • Form
  • Line
For some who aren’t familiar with the essence of interior design, its mission is to manipulate the interior space. It seeks to make effective use of it and bring a lasting impression of beauty, comfort and utility. It also generally brings the features of architecture and utilises environmental psychology. You will mix all of these features together to deliver an artistic product and transformation of the interior space.

Interior Design 101 – The Style

Every home interior design in Singapore subscribes to a particular ‘style’. The design styles function in many aspects, think of it as a single body with a variety of moving parts. So, what are these aspects?
  • Function
  • Concept
  • Balance
  • Proportion
These are a few critical parts that remain as the ‘lifeblood’ of every style design to make the room have its ‘feel and look’. One can enhance every interior design by implementing these aspects rightly. Of course, there are still guidelines in interior design that you must follow, including rhythm, harmony and unity, and emphasis. Hence, before you consider choosing a particular style for your design, these are a few aspects you must not undermine.

Functionality in Design

Good design styles must also consider aesthetics. Yet again, it must not be 100% focused on beauty. One must understand the balance between aesthetics and function will help instigate proper coordination in implementing design elements. Whether you’re choosing a transitional or modern interior design in Singapore, the functionality of the interior enhances the outlook of the style and space you choose. Beauty is often qualified. One may see something as delightful and pleasant, while to others it may be unsightly. The competitiveness of beauty and aesthetics is often subjective, which is a functionality of design that plays a major role in the outlook of each space. Many professionals of home interior designing recognise the taste and preferences of each homeowner. The beauty of the design implemented by the professional designer may derive and be relative to their own idea and aspect of beauty. However, it is taken differently from others. Nevertheless, such experienced designers have the ability and knowledge to make full use of each element to bring a successful design style that is at least on par with a standard for what is pleasing to the eyes. If you are looking for an interior design or HDB resale renovation, visit Project Guru for more info.