Tips to consider you should repairing or replacing your roof

replacing your roof

Before you decide whether you need to replace or repair a roof, there are a few things to consider. Knowing how old your roof is, how long you plan to stay in your home and more will give you an idea if it’s time to replace your roof.

Should I have my roof repaired?

Repairing your roof is the most expensive, Effective way to solve the problems that have. These repairs can extend the life of an old roof and will help you until it’s time to remove the old roof and replace it with a new one.

You should consider repairing your roof if you find any of the following problems:

  • Leaks around pipe cover
  • Leaks around chimney
  • Missing shingles
  • Air gun nailing errors
  • Jumping nails
  • Bezel replacements
  • Punctures and holes
  • Cracks and blistering
  • Poor installation
  • Tree damage
  • Weather damage
  • Granulate loss
  • Sealing
  • Shrinkage
  • Poor maintenance
  • Ventilation problems

Benefits of roof repairs

Roof repairs are cheaper than roof replacement

It is much cheaper to repair a roof than to replace it. There are components in your roof that won’t last as long as you’re roofing system.

Roof repairs will help you extend the life of your roof.

Ask your roofer what types of repairs they can do instead of replacing it. No need to replace, increase the life of your roof. Roof repair it’s that simple.

Disadvantages of roof repairs

Over time, shingles will fade from the sun. It is impossible to match the colors of your old shingles with the new shingles. This creates an unsightly curb appearance that not only you but your neighbors will notice

Poor finishes can lead to further problems and leaks in the roof. It takes someone experienced in this area to get it right. Repair work and installation are completely different. Someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing can cause more damage than is already there.

Should I replace my roof?

Advantages of a roof replacement

A new roof costs 40% of the attractiveness of your home. Curb appeal will make your house stand out negatively or positively. With a replacement, you fall into the positive category.

If you have an old, worn roof and put a new one on, the house will look like it was newly built. Replacing will not only give you years of peace of mind, but make your home the nicest on your street.

A roof replacement gives you peace of mind

Once you’ve replaced your roof, you can leave town without having to constantly check the weather inside your home. There will be no damage or leaks to greet you as you walk out the door again. This is peace of mind!

Disadvantages of a roof replacement

Roof replacements are usually very noisy

Many people want to be at home while the roof is being replaced. House while the clapboards are being installed. As such, always advise to our clients to plan not to be home while the shingles are being installed.