WhatsApp vs. WeChat vs. Telegram – Who is the World’s Largest Communication Provider?

The telecommunications market is dominated by several large global telco companies. These companies are present worldwide, and each has its business model and approach. In these heavily digitalized times, instant messaging applications have played a big part in people’s daily lives.

WhatsApp, WeChat, and Telegram are just among the top communication provider in the world. Each application has its own system. For example, WhatsApp has WhatsApp call monitoring, which is a critical feature in complying with communication regulations.

WhatsApp call recording and similar systems are designed to protect businesses and their consumers from having their data stolen by fraudsters. But more than the protection, call archiving systems are done for compliance purposes.

Such regulatory obligations often exist in financial services, insurance, healthcare, energy, utilities, government, and life sciences. These sectors are responsible for retaining and managing certain types of data like financial documents, email correspondence, employee records, and communications with clients.

But even with all these information, a question remains–what is the biggest communication provider in the world?

Statistics would tell you that WhatsApp remains to have the most number of unique users among the three digital messaging platforms. But this does not mean people are not using the other two messaging applications. Some companies prefer the other two compared to WhatsApp. Some even use a much less formal instant messaging application, like Messenger, to communicate with their staff.

Companies and individuals must remember that even though WhatsApp claimed the top spot of being the world’s largest communication provider, they still have the choice to choose the instant messaging app they feel comfortable using. But what they need to remember is that they must follow communication protocols.

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