It is always hard to find a gift for your girl. Because as she is growing her interest are also changing. So finding a gift that meets your kid’s desire will always be a challenging task for you. Some kids of 10-year-old may be very close to Barbie dolls and like pink color, while some kids may differ from that, they may like superheroes, guns, etc. This is an intervening period for kids. Especially for girls, it is an age for a change in physical and mental state. So pick a gift for your girl based on her interest. Some of the gift ideas for 10-year-old girls are detailed here.

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  • Color DIY kit
  • String art kit
  • Bracelet-making kit
  • Giant Wooden Toppling Tower
  • Sapphire Fastpitch Softball Bat
  • Self Balancing Scooter
  • Kids Bow and Arrows
  • Gaming console
  • Barbie grooming kit


  • When your kid is interested in designing and styling clothes, then this will be the best gift for her.
  • It is a tie-dye kit; this will be perfect for personalizing some of her clothes, and for her friend’s clothes.
  • It includes non-toxic and machine washable 18 various color dyes. It is available with an instruction booklet.


  • Unleash your kid’s creativity and allow her to create beautiful string art photos with this kit.
  • They are available with several different style boards including flowers, butterflies, hearts, etc. The kit will have some other needed accessories like strings, pins, and many more.
  • It will have an instruction manual for guidance.


  • This kit contains a lot of goodies to assist your girl to create an attractive bracelet for her.
  • Increase her creativity using beads, pompom, gold chains, and gemstone. This kit comes with a user guide for assistance.


  • These are high-quality pine tree blocks that are waterproof. It is a handy game prop.
  • You can play with this tower by creating your own rules for the game.
  • You have to remove some of the blocks from it without destructing the tower height.


  • Gift your girl this softball bat, if she loves to play some hard outdoor games.
  • It has a thin handle for easy grip. To make it attractive this bat is available in pink color.
  • It is a durable bat made of military-grade aluminum.


  • With this self-balancing scooter, your girl can move around like a professional skater.
  • It’s a self-balancing scooter that changes its direction by detecting the difference in center of gravity and weight of the driver.
  • It can drive at 6 mph speed. It also has a wireless speaker, so your kid can enjoy her favorite music while driving the scooter through Bluetooth.


  • It is a perfect gift for your kid when she is obsessed with superheroes.
  • This kid’s bow and arrows contain 5 darts with a suction cup at the end, an arrow holder, and a hanging target board.


  • You can gift your girl with a handheld gaming console when she is more interested in video games.
  • You can connect this console to your TV with its HDMI cable and have to give power to the console with its provided power adapter.


  • There is always an attachment between girls and Barbie. In this grooming kit, some of the makeover fun items are provided.
  • With that material, she can groom her Barbie to her wish. The kit consists of a Barbie doll, handbag, dresses, jewels, etc.