Ensure Safety from Fleas for Your Austin Property

Infestation of fleas in any property is annoying, whether commercial or residential. However, residential pest control is more critical than commercial pest control against fleas as they are most likely to affect the pets inside the household and prove exasperating to both humans and animals present in the household. Additionally, fleas are challenging to get rid of, considering their increased reproduction rate and spread throughout the house. But with the assistance of a pest control company, one can easily ensure safety inside their Austin property and build healthy and hygienic surroundings. 

Dual Approach for Getting Rid of Fleas

Besides seeking help from a professional exterminator, one should adopt a solid action plan with a dual approach. This involves treating not just your pets but the entire house. 

Engage in a Long-Term and Speculative Pest Control Treatment:

In flea infestation, one needs to be extra careful not only about the one pet associated with fleas but other pets in the household as well. Fleas spread faster than one can think and tends to return in the future. Therefore, a one-time wash of the pet’s bedding in hot water is not enough. 

One needs to consistently run the process once or twice a week, at least for the next five to eight weeks. Hot water would kill the larvae or remaining eggs stuck on the bedding. If the pet sleeps in some other places, it must be cleaned thoroughly. Don’t ignore washing the soft toys of the pet, which can also act as a hiding spot for the flea eggs or larvae. 

Vacuum the Surfaces Regularly:

Vacuuming the surfaces regularly for four to eight weeks will make them unstable for the fleas and stunt their growth eventually. Consider vacuuming all surfaces, including sofas, floors, carpets, and rugs. It is also essential to empty the cleaner and throw away the bag after every use, as it will prevent infestation in the future by hatching the eggs inside it. 

Use Flea Spray: 

Consult the veterinary and approve a flea spray that can be sprayed throughout the house that would not negatively affect the pets. Follow the instructions and label thoroughly to look for any harmful chemicals. Before spraying, it is always recommended to vacuum the surfaces to ensure the utmost safety.

Final Thoughts:

If the condition worsens day by day, it is essential to consult a pest control company, as professional exterminators with effective pest control solutions would be highly effective in making the Austin residence flea-free.