EV Charging Station Etiquette In Singapore

More and more Singaporeans are now opting for electric cars instead of driving around town using gas-powered rides that harm the environment. Due to the increasing number of electric vehicles or EVs in the city-state, energy and automobile companies have been creating more and more EV charging stations in Singapore to help electric car owners travel throughout the island without worrying about their vehicles’ power.

An electric car charging point is similar to the wall socket and phone charger you can find at home—but only bulkier and more powerful. It is a structure where EV drivers like you can plug your car into to allow it to receive electric current. You can find these stations in various public spaces, but you can also get a private charging station at your dwelling.

If you plan on using a public electric car charging point, you should know how to be a respectful and compassionate EV charger user. You should try your best to be considerate and think of your fellow electric car drivers when using the charging station. Scroll through to learn about the etiquette you should follow or observe when using an EV charging point in Singapore:

1. Do Not Hog The Charging Station

EV charging stations are not parking spaces. Only be at these charging facilities whenever you want to power up your vehicle. As soon as your automobile receives the charge it needs, leave the station to allow more EV owners to charge their cars.

2. Never Unplug Another Owner’s EV

No matter how badly you need to charge your vehicle, do not unplug someone else’s EV. Allow their cars to finish powering up and wait for them to take the vehicle off the station before using the electric car charging point.

3. Handle The Cables And Plugs With Care

When visiting a charging station in Singapore, gently handle the plugs to keep them from getting damaged. Avoid tugging on them too hard or throwing them onto the ground after use to ensure that you still have cables to use on your next visit to the station.

4. Stay On Top Of Your EV’s Charging Status

Whether you will stay or plan on leaving your car at the EV charging station, you are responsible for knowing how much power it has at all times. As soon as your vehicle is fully-charged, go back to the facility to unplug your car to let other EV users power up their rides. Remember to follow the etiquette above when visiting EV charging stations in Singapore, like SP Mobility. Check out their website to learn about their numerous charging point locations.