How College Students Can Benefit From Hard Disk Degaussing 

After graduating as a college student, I have some overly confidential and crucial files, including my personal academic documents, high school transcripts, acceptance letter copies, different versions and revisions of my thesis, and the like. And all of these are well-kept and stored on my hard drive. Now that I finished school and graduated from the uni, I need to ensure these files don’t get plagiarised and completely erased, and that is through HDD degaussing.

Electronic recycling in Singapore is becoming more rampant these days, whether you’re a student, business owner, secretary, legal specialist, or no matter what industry you are in, just as long as you own a technological device. One of which is degaussing a hard drive. I have the means to drill it to a platter, throw it off from the 36th floor of my flat, and hit it hard with a hammer, but those ways still don’t guarantee that my crucial data gets wiped from its drive, so I opted for a hard disk degaussing.

Reading this article means you have done your research and found out about hard disk degaussing. If you’ve recently graduated like me or are just someone keen to know more about the service, keep scrolling to discover more information about it.


Honestly, I had no idea about this service before. A friend I met during college recommended working with an e waste management company in Singapore and getting my storage devices degaussed. When a technician performs a hard disk degaussing, they are entirely erasing and destroying all data within the drive, which means phishers or anyone trying to steal your work will no longer have access to your files.

Hard disk degaussing helped me:


The e waste management specialist in Singapore helped me erase all confidential information, including my thesis papers, academic receipts, digital copies of my projects, and other legal and school papers, reducing the risks of preventing my confidential data from falling into the wrong hands and getting compromised. It can also work for business owners as they can remove private corporate files, such as company emails, profiles of well-known, highly publicised clients, customer profiles, financial data, and other files.


As a fresh graduate, I need to use my money wisely. Getting hard disk degaussing can be a way to save money, as it erased my files, let me recycle my hard disk, and deleted all content without voiding the warranty. Who needs to purchase a new one when you can recycle?


With the help of an e waste management company in Singapore, you will never have to worry about spending a whole day degaussing your hard disk and figuring out how to do it yourself.


HDD degaussing also offers guaranteed protection not just for students like me but also for business owners. Their degaussing tools can help prevent your files from getting accessed by anyone, including employee theft, improper media destruction, data mugging, and media loss during transport.

If your goal is to get quality hard disk degaussing, work with a good e waste management company in Singapore. Metalo International was the one who helped me. Enquire to learn more about their services!