These bathroom design facts will shock you!

Are you thinking about designing a small bathroom project planned for your home? The alternative is quite interesting for those who have a small property or even for those who want to optimize the space and make it more functional. This type of bathroom model uses some essential elements to maintain practicality and versatility. The coolest thing is that the decoration of the environment can become much more affordable with the help of Bathroom design apps than that of a conventional bathroom.

What are the advantages of a small planned bathroom?

Planning an environment goes far beyond just decorating the space. The task requires that a series of details and aspects be decided on the site, such as the appropriate size, the style of the furniture, the arrangement of each furniture and object, in addition to the colors, lighting and decorative elements that will be part of the composition. With good planning, it is possible to create a small bathroom, but one that offers practicality and functionality in everyday life.

By planning, it is possible to have a better use of space. For this, it is essential to adapt the furniture and decoration objects, always maintaining comfort and versatility in the residence. It is also worth paying attention to the height, depth and width of the room to have good mobility within the space. Even small, a planned and functional bathroom brings several benefits. One of the most outstanding is the well-being promoted to the residents. It is essential to define the details and not forget the elements that convey personalization and exclusivity.

Organize the planned bathroom

One of the first steps in planning a small bathroom is deciding which pieces and furniture will be part of the decor. In addition, you need to pay attention to the size of furniture, such as cabinets, vase, box, etc. Even if reduced in size, the bathroom must provide everything necessary to maintain the comfort of residents and visitors. Several specialized companies carry out space planning, considering both the personality of those who inhabit the house and the available footage. The common thing is that they use Foyr Neo 3D interior and bathroom design software to facilitate the process.

Measure the space well

One of the most important aspects in the renovation or construction of a planned bathroom is to pay attention to the dimensions of the space. You need to measure everything so that the essentials fit into the environment.

Think about the furniture

Furniture is also essential for optimizing the small bathroom. They need to be compact, practical and functional. It is important that the furniture materials are waterproof.

Choose light colors

Remember that dark colors make the space feel smaller, while light tones convey the idea of ​​spaciousness, making a small bathroom appear larger than it really is.

Focus on lighting

It is no use worrying about all the previous details and neglecting the lighting of the room. A planned bathroom needs a good lighting project.






Do not forget the mirror

To finish the bathroom renovation, remember to include a mirror in the project. Besides decorating the space, mirrors also promote the feeling of spaciousness and add an air of elegance and sophistication to the environment.