Types of steel pipes and their uses one should know before commencing construction 

The construction industry today has many options when it comes to steel pipes and tubes. With the increased use of steel in the construction sector, the quality and characteristics of steel also increased multifold. 

From being used in just columns and beams in construction sites, the steel pipes and tubes have evolved into being used in many more elements of a building. 

One of the most common uses of stealth pipe is in the piling segment. The most reliable piling pipe in the industry is the Stealth Piling Pipe which can be customized according to your requirements.

Apart from being used in piling, steel pipes have a lot of other uses in the construction industry. Steel pipes are used for fencing, drainage, etc. 

If you are someone looking for a cheap alternative to the expensive wood components in your project, then considering steel to replace wood will be a great idea. 

Now let us discuss the types of steel pipes used in the construction industry and their respective uses.

  • Casing pipes are used extensively in underground construction to protect utility lines. Casing pipes are most commonly joined together using seamless welding or thread connections.
  • Tubing pipes are primarily used in the transportation of fluids and gases. Tubing is again commonly found in underground applications. They are also used as an alternative in piling sections when the load is exceptionally heavy.
  • Steel beams and columns are widely used in construction today. Due to their affordability and ease of transportation, these steel beams are becoming increasingly popular. Steel beams are easy to reconstruct and customize.
  • Round steel bars are used as tensile stress in reinforced cement concrete slab beams. They are highly malleable and come in different shapes.
  • Steel angles find a variety of purposes in the construction industry. From fabrication to shelves, they are becoming an inevitable component for small-scale and large-scale projects. Companies like Stealth offer top-quality steel angles that do not deform in extreme conditions.
  • Steel plates are another major element in the construction industry. They are widely used to stabilize big structures. Also, they find their application in the pipe fabrication beaumont tx and welding sectors. 

These are some of the major steel components that are widespread in the construction industry. 

The quality of the steel should be selected with utmost care and supervision. Consult your contractor while selecting the steel for your projects. Do your market research thoroughly and find the best quality steel that suits your requirements to the fullest.