Wedding Flower Costs: How Much Should You Budget?

How much do flowers for a wedding typically cost? is a question that even the most well-versed in wedding preparation would like answered. Flowers are the focal point of every wedding’s décor, but most engaged couples have no idea how much they can spend on flowers. Even if you’ve seen beautiful arches on Pinterest and massive flowers on wedding sites, you have no clue how much they cost. You don’t want to blow your budget on flowers, and you don’t have much room for decent cuisine, either… Yet, if you try to save money by cutting corners elsewhere, you may wind up with a ceremony that lacks the visual flair you had hoped for or with flowers that are a far cry from what you had envisioned. We’ve done the legwork for you and compiled a handy guide to answering your queries and determining your florist delivery kl wedding flower budget.

Where is your money going?

You may personalize your wedding day in countless ways, and flowers are a natural addition. There is typically a service charge levied by florists, the amount of which varies with the specifics of your order. Flowers are typically used to complement the wedding’s color scheme.

Flower Arrangements and Bouquets for the Big Day

  • Bride’s bouquet

The bride’s bouquet is a show-stopping accessory that will not be overlooked by onlookers. A bridal bouquet is more than simply something for the bride to hold as she goes down the aisle; it unifies the whole look of the wedding and gives a sense of tradition to otherwise nontraditional events. Your wedding day attire will be enhanced by a beautiful floral arrangement. While the florist likely already has some ideas for how to arrange the flowers, it never hurts to share your inspiration with them so they can create a bouquet that is just for you.

  • Bouquet for Bridal party

Each bridesmaid should carry a bouquet that is similar to the bride’s but smaller in size. Flowers for bridesmaids’ bouquets can go as much as $80, but if that number scares you off, know that a beautiful bouquet can be produced for as little as $25. DIY-inclined bridesmaids might be tasked with the responsibility of creating the bouquets for the bride and groom. You’ll still have to buy the flowers, but doing so will save you money compared to ordering them from your florist.

  • Flowers for the bride’s hair

No other hair item can compare to flowers when it comes to adding romance and beauty to your bridal hairdo. The versatility of beautiful finials means that they are a popular choice for brides who prefer to wear their hair in a variety of ways, including a bun, waves, or a braid. The invigorating accent can be a bouquet or a few stray blooms tucked into your hair bun. However, you’ll need to coordinate with your florist to ensure that they’ll be ready the morning of the big day, fresh and in full bloom.

  • Bouquets for the Flower Girls

Your bridesmaids, who are often the younger members of your bridal party, will go down the aisle before you. Unless you don’t have a soft spot for sweet traditions, you should probably think ahead and get flower delivery petaling Jaya flowers for the flower girl, such as a crown or petals. Depending on what hue its petals are when they open, you may plan your wedding’s color scheme and decor. In most cases, just three or four stems of the desired flower will be needed to create the petals for a flower girl’s crown, making the entire arrangement rather affordable.