5 Things You Will Learn From A Ballet Class In Singapore Aside From Ballet

When people enrol in a ballet class in Singapore, they expect to learn about ballet; its history, fundamentals, concept, and discipline. But unbeknownst to many, there are also life lessons they can pick up from ballet dance classes online.

The truth is dance fitness classes in Singapore are more than just dance or ballet. It is also life enlightenment.

Here are the life lessons you can learn from your ballet class in Singapore:

1. Perseverance

Learning ballet is like learning how to ride a bike. You are bound to fall and trip numerous times before you perfect your movement and posture from head to toe. The beauty in mistakes is it teaches you how to rise and correct your errors no matter how many days it will take you to perfect them.

2. Trust

There are ballet studio classes in Singapore that teach pas de deux. Pas de deux is a duet ballet, usually performed by male and female ballerinas. This type of ballet teaches dancers to trust their partners. Without trust between the pair, the performance will not be outstanding as it should be.

3. Health discipline

Ballerinas need to stay fit and healthy. Without a healthy body, you can’t perform movements and figures impeccably. Ballet teaches you discipline concerning health. Apart from being a ballet dancer for a workout, ballet also encourages you to cut back on smoking, alcohol drinking, a sedentary lifestyle, and an unhealthy diet.

4. Openness to criticisms

Like any other performance, expect criticisms in ballet. Criticisms are not only from your choreographers. The audience, critics, co-artists, and performance directors also share one. But remember, these things are for your improvement. Learn to listen and be open to them.

5. Acceptance of imperfection

Although one of the primary goals of ballet performance is perfection, it is very elusive and nearly impossible to achieve. However, it is not a reason not to try your best and strive for perfection.

Who says a ballet studio in Singapore only teaches you ballet? It teaches you the dance of life.

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