Happy woman is standing on the balcony at snowy winter day

Summer has bid us adieu for a few months and the antagonist of summer – winter has already set foot into the climatic gazette of this year. The arrival of winter has already been declared with its typical signs: breezy weather, pour and shut rain most times of the day and shivering cold nights. As winter has put on its appearance, it’s time for us women to collect the must-have winter wear for this season. There are numerous winter wears, say sweaters & blazers, etc.

Boring winter wear of earlier days has long been banished, and nowadays, stunning, exclusively designed, trendy, modern winter wear has taken its roots in the market. From being just for warmth, winter wear has become an item of stylish clothing that is used to make a statement.

Put away your summer wardrobe, find the must-have winter wear here and haul them home with lots of joy.

Winter wears for women:

A diverse variety of winter wear is created by designers across the world in high-quality materials, depending on the geography it is being made for, and hence the level of warmth it should provide. Here are a few winter wear ideas to kick-start your thought process around your winter wardrobe. Read and update your wardrobe for this winter.

Snuggly sweaters for women:

The typical must-have winter wear for every winter is a sweater. While you might think sweaters are typical and old-fashioned, think again – they are back in vogue with the latest designs! A multitude of pattern-worked sweaters has taken over the fashion ramps. Sweaters stretching from clement shades like nude, marine blue, etc, to vibrant shades of cardinal red, burgundy, etc, are available for you to grab. 

Put on your sweater over body-hugging pencil-fit jeans and walk down the streets to look classy and trendy and above all, to stay warm.

Cashmere wool coats for women:

A recent fabulous addition to winter wear collections across the globe is Cashmere wool coats. Cashmere is a soft, cosy fabric that gives a warm feeling along with a stylish outlook. These knitted wool coats come with and without patterns with a length typically extending to the knees. A cashmere wool coat is a go-to option for styling, and paired with a plain t-shirt and baggy pants, completes the urban chic look.

Bashing blazers for women:

Are you a working woman in the corporate sector? Do you often attend meetings and want to appear formal yet stylish? If so, the perfect choice in attire would be blazers. Blazers are formal coats with casual cuts and designs. Usually stitched in solid colour fabrics, blazers give an executive image when worn. Blazers usually had bold buttons on the front. Blazers can be styled along with formal shirts and pants for the workplace. 

Cosy cardigans for women:

If you are having a lazy day and want to take a walk down the road in the breezy winter, then you can go for cardigans. Cardigans are knitted wool clothing with an opening in the front that can be buttoned up. Usually, cardigans are worn on top of any dress to give warmth, and they also lend a touch of class to regular dresses with designs and patterns. Cardigans come in a variety of colours and can also be multicoloured. 

Tepid feel scarves for women:

Scarves are lengthy pieces of cloth that can be wrapped around the neck or tied around the collar stylishly. These are usually in knitted format if they are also meant to create a sense of soothing warm around the neck and ears in the winters. The scarf is a dynamic piece of clothing that is not worn but wrapped around the clothing to add a dash of style. Scarves can be swaddled around the neck together with t-shirts with an open neckline. Contrasting scarves with t-shirts and jeans is a classy look in the winter.

Simple sweatshirts for women:

Are you thinking about how sweatshirts are different from sweaters? Sweatshirts are made up of heavy cotton rather than knitted wool in sweaters. Having been made with heavy cotton, sweatshirts succeed in keeping you warm. And if it gets hot, it also absorbs sweat as it is made of cotton.

Sweatshirts come with two layers, thus providing a much more cosy feel. Sweatshirts come in multiple patterns just like sweaters, and are popular winter wear for students and athletic people. Solid block colour sweatshirts can be paired with cargo pants without any inner shirt or t-shirt.

Having taken up the idea of must-have winter wear here, step out, start purchasing these gems from VERO MODA and fill your wardrobe to enjoy the climate in a stylish manner.