5 Tips for Choosing an Accent Armchair at Singapore Stores

Think about your sofa, table, carpet and TV console choices at Singapore stores when you decorate your living area. One of the most substantial considerations many pores over is including an armchair in their design.

Here are some tips if you should opt for a comfortable armchair or an accent armchair to decorate your Singapore home.

#1 Arm? Or No Arm?

You can use a typical armchair or one with no arms. A slipper chair is a fantastic choice for an accent chair. They are armless and sit lower to the ground. They were a piece of home furniture in stores in Singapore and abroad for ladies to use in their bedrooms to sit and put on their shoes. A pair of slipper chairs would look great flanking a large piece of furniture and offer an unexpected touch to any room.

#2 Material or Fabric

The fabric or material used in armchair choices at Singapore furniture stores is an excellent area to express your individuality. Choose a favourite colour or pattern, or keep it neutral so you can move the chair around the house.

#3 Tufts? Or No Tufts?

Tufting is the one thing that will take an accent chair up a notch or any luxury furniture in Singapore furniture stores. It is the threading of buttons through an upholstered item and tightening the thread. Hence, tufts or indentations appear in the back or seat of a chair. However, tufting raises the price of a chai, but the texture it provides is well worth it. A tufted accent chair is ideal for any design.

#4 Armchair Piping

Piping on an accent chair, or any armchair at Singapore stores, completes the look. It is a trim on the seams of a chair, often around the edges of the seats, armrests, and backs. Producing piping in a complementary hue stands out even more. It draws attention away from the primary colour and provides intrigue and depth to an accent chair.

#5 Legs

The legs of most smaller accent chairs are visible. The best option is to select a leg style that suits your particular style. Choose a sleek and fundamental chair leg if you prefer modern luxury furniture at Singapore stores. A carved or twisted leg would look great in a classic setting. Some accent chairs even have casters, which provide a charming, antique touch. Snow Globe is an interior design and luxury furniture expert in Singapore with an online and studio presence. Visit their studio to see their carefully curated assortment of furniture. Nevertheless, their website offers a wide range of furniture options for all types of homes, including beautiful tables, consoles, and sideboards suitable for every home.