How can you identify the difference between handmade wall to wall  carpet and machine-made carpets? It is hard to differentiate between the two If you do not have much experience. But you can professionally differentiate between these two after reading this blog. There are three main differences between both types of carpets that is,

  • Back of the carpet
  • Fringe of the carpet
  • Edge finishing of the carpet

These three factors can tell you about the manufacturing technique of the carpet.

We must clarify the concept that how machine-made and handmade carpets are made before going into further detail. If you take a close look at handmade carpets then you will notice that the knots are made by hand whereas, in the carpets that are made from machines, they are woven by machines. Carpets made by machines are called powered loom carpets. A carpet that uses the technique of using a drill gun to insert a pile into the cloth is also considered a handmade carpet. Synthetic fibers like polypropylene and nylon are used in making machine-made carpets while handmade rugs are made by using wool, cotton, or silk.

Let’s know about the fringes of the carpet,

Edge finishing of the carpets:

The edge finishing of the carpet will also aid you in knowing the difference between handmade and machine-made carpets. You are looking at the machine-made carpet if you see any binding or surging at the carpet. While on the other hand, your carpet is handmade if there are no stitches visible.

Fringes of the carpets:

By looking at the fringes of the carpet you will quickly know whether the carpet is machine-made or handmade. The characteristics will help you in knowing the difference. You can easily find out that the carpet is handmade is the fringe is an extension of the carpet.  Whereas if fringe is added afterward then you will quickly know that your carpet is machine-made.

The backside of the carpets:

The simplest way to find out whether the carpet is machine made or handmade is by looking at the back side of the carpet. When you have a look at the back side of the carpet, you will notice that the backing of the carpet is not even than you will know that the carpet is hand made. The more finished the back side of the carpet more superior the quality is. It is important for you if you are looking for the handmade rugs that finishing must be as smooth as possible. The better quality consist the more detailed design on the back side of the carpet.

The handmade rugs are more valuable especially for the person who is addicted to collect rugs. If the backing is smooth and more finished than the durability of carpets also increases.

We are sure that after reading the difference between a handmade carpet and machine made carpet you can easily choose the one that suits your requirements.