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BBQs 2U has been in selling grills and ovens from top brands for two decades. They are authorized dealers of Masterbuilt, Kamado Joe, and Ooni Pizza Oven. The team is skilled in providing customers with expert advice on the different features and benefits of each BBQ model.

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Kamado Joe is a popular brand of ceramic charcoal grills that are known for their durability, versatility, and excellent temperature control. Both the Big Joe and Classic III models are highly regarded by grilling enthusiasts, and both offer a range of features that make them great options for backyard cooking.

The mantra is to ‘Get barbecuing this summer with BBQs 2U’, but which grill to go for….. Kamado Joe Big Joe or Classic III.

The most obvious difference between the Big Joe and Classic III is their size. The Big Joe has a cooking surface of 24 inches in diameter, while the Classic III has an 18-inch diameter cooking surface. This means that Big Joe can accommodate larger cuts of meat and can cook more food at once than the Classic III. If cooking for large groups or a large family is the need then the Big Joe is a better choice.

On the other hand, Classic III has a new and improved SloRoller Hyperbolic Smoke Chamber, which is designed to create a rolling and recirculating smoke pattern that enhances the flavor of the food being cooked. The Classic III also has a redesigned, easier-to-clean ash drawer, while the Big Joe does not.

Overall, both the Big Joe and Classic III are excellent options for backyard grilling, and the choice between the two will largely depend on individual needs and preferences. If the need is for a larger cooking surface and paying more is fine then Big Joe may be the better choice. Classic III is the way to go in case of affordability, exclusive features, and performance.

Accessorize the Kamado Joe BBQs with Joetisserie to cook large cuts of meat, such as a whole chicken or a roast, evenly and with a crispy exterior. The grill expander adds a cooking level to the Kamado Joe, which allows for cooking more food at once. The iKamand is a temperature controller that allows monitoring and controlling the temperature of the grill remotely through a smartphone app.

Watch BBQs 2U videos on YouTube. There are displays on how to maximize the grilling experience with tips and tricks using BBQs.