Know The Secrets: How To Get Cheaper Car Rental 

The option of getting a car rental in Singapore is not a secret, considering that buying a brand-new car is several times more expensive than renting. Many people have opted for this, especially foreigners who plan to explore Lion city without worrying about the business hours of public transport.

Even though a car rental is relatively cheaper than purchasing a car, some people have a low budget. No matter how much they want to get a premium car rental in Singapore, they can barely afford it. If that same goes for you, here are some tips on how to get cheaper car rental deals!

1. Compare Rates

Since there are many car rental companies in Singapore, comparing rates between two or more can help you determine which offers the most affordable car rental fees suit your budget.

2. Go Through The Fine Print

In some cases, the fine print may include hidden fees. If you do not thoroughly read the fine print, you may pay more than the initial car rental fee.

3. Skip The Airport

If you plan to book a car rental for your upcoming vacation to Singapore, you should consider skipping the airport. Picking up the rented vehicle in that location can only cost you a fortune. To save up, pick up the rented vehicle where the car rental company is located.

4. Lock In Your Rate

Like flight fares, car rental fees you have seen on car rental companies are subject to change. If you do not lock in your ideal rate, you might lose the chance of getting the most affordable deal available in the car rental industry.

5. Become A Member

Another thing you can do to get cheaper car rental is to sign up and become a member of your chosen car rental company. You will gain early access to exclusive and affordable deals.

6. Opt For A Economy Vehicle

Instead of getting a luxury car rental in Singapore, you can opt for an economy vehicle. They are much cheaper, and you use your spare cash to treat yourself as you travel around Lion city.

7. Drive It Yourself Instead Of Hiring A Driver

You can also save a lot of money if you do not hire a driver to drive you around with your rented vehicle. Acquiring the chauffeur drive services will only increase your car rental fees since the compensation for the driver has been included.

8. Say No To Car Rental Insurance

Car rental insurance can only be helpful if you are a reckless driver, but as long as you are careful as you drive on the road, you will never use it.

9. Take Advantage Of Coupons

Every car rental company offers various promotions that can help their customers save up. Taking advantage of the coupons they offer can help you save up and get the most affordable car rental deals!

Are You Ready To Get A Car Rental?

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