3 Gifts for a New Mom: Weight Loss Coffee and More

Recovering from childbirth can be a rough period for new mothers. They’ll now have to take care of their child 24/7, all while recovering from the physical effects of pregnancy and postpartum side effects. Plus, they might be insecure about their body because of the excess weight they gained during pregnancy. If your loved one is a new mother, you might see and understand the difficulties that they’re facing. Luckily, you can help them pursue a healthier weight loss journey by gifting them a carb blocker from Singapore and more.

Here are three gifts you can give to new mothers.

Lactation Drinks

These drinks are some of the best gifts to give to any new mother. Not only does it help her be healthier, but it also helps her newborn get all the nutrients they need, which aids in their growth and development. A lactation drink is made of several types of oats, ensuring the mother gets all of their nutrients, resulting in richer and creamier breast milk. You’d be helping two people if you gave the mother a delicious lactation drink.

Weight Loss Coffee

If your loved one wants to lose weight postpartum but doesn’t want to resort to unhealthy methods, consider giving them delicious weight loss coffee. This coffee is made from all-natural ingredients that retain all nutrients and health benefits. Drinking it can suppress your appetite, boost your metabolism, and encourage your body to lose weight gradually so as not to promote adverse side effects. It’s a delicious way for new mothers to start their day, and it’s available in many different flavours to make it even more enjoyable.

Slimming Jelly

Slimming jellies are a tasty treat for new mothers to add to their everyday routine. This small jelly sachet can be a great snack that curbs appetite, increases metabolism, and flushes out deposited fats. What’s better is that you can take slimming jelly alongside weight loss coffee, and neither will have harmful side effects caused by the other. A personalised gift set with coffee and jelly can be a thoughtful postpartum gift that keeps the new mother’s health in mind.

You can encourage your friends to use healthy weight loss methods for their weight goals by giving them slimming jelly and more. Ms Kinny SG provides coffees, jellies, and drinks of various flavours packed with all-natural and healthy ingredients. View their collection of lattes, hot cocoas, and more by visiting their website.