Qualities to Check For in a Virtual Accountant

Everyone in the United States, along with residents of the Pompano Beach area in Florida, has the advantage of connecting with any virtual accountant for small businesses in Pompano Beach, FL, who is available to run your finances through some quality checks. The first and foremost skill you must look for before hiring an account is — how good they are with technical skills. Are they set in the way they work? Or do they adapt as per your company’s needs and even the varying technology? 

Check out the top four skills that your virtual account must embody:-

  • Tech-savvy – Access to cloud-based software

The uncompromisable skill a virtual accountant should have is accessing cloud-based software such as Zohobooks, MARG TRP, TALLEY ERP, Xero, and Quickbooks Online. It improves their integration with financial systems – thus automating their tedious tasks with no errors that most manual workers would make. Keep in mind that these virtual accountants should not be restricted to just one software. They need to update their knowledge with the latest upgrades constantly. Otherwise, you will miss out on other well-versed tech geeks.

  • Takes constructive criticism / Adapts easily

Open communication is key to any kind of partnership. For example, When you are faced with evolving tax regulations, having a virtual accountant who is rigid in their service and not willing to improvise will be frustrating. In order to grow your small business, you need to take a few risks that your financial adviser may not agree with. However, having an open mindset and understanding your company’s changing needs is another important quality you should look for in a virtual accountant.

  • Team player

Even if you are outsourcing a service, they are a part of your team. A virtual account that can invest in getting to know your business goals is important. Where are you lacking? Is it the quality of your product? Uninterested employees? Or simply not grabbing risky-worthy opportunities? Either way, your virtual account needs to identify the drawbacks and push you toward success. And this can only happen if you both work as a team.

  • Can dedicate consistent hours – 24/7 service is preferable.

Everybody experiences sticky situations. Imagine your DR 80 site being deindexed in the middle of the night. That is a loss of thousands of dollars. You need to talk to your accountant to have a plan B if things fail. What if they are not available for a couple of days or even weeks? You need someone who is there consistently – especially during crises.