The Pros and Cons of Framing Your Art Prints

Selling art prints of your creations is a fantastic way to attract more clients and generate higher revenues. There is a considerable market for wall art, opening plenty of opportunities for artists like yourself for greater recognition.

While selling art prints can gain a bigger audience, it is always best to look for upgrades. Often, our clients want more than just a beautiful illustration on canvas; they may also wish for a complementary frame. The best print-on-demand Australia services offer custom framing options for your orders.

But what are print-on-demand oak frame services worth the additional investment?Read our comprehensive list of pros and cons below:

The Pros of Framing Your Art Prints

There areseveral good reasons why several artists have added custom frames to their art prints, including the following:

  • Enhanced Presentation – While your art prints are appealing and can beautifully grace any room, adding a frame can further improve its presentation. Custom frames give art prints a unique and professional touch that can emphasise the details of your work.
  • Perceived Value – Art prints are known to be affordable, which can make the misconception that they are cheap. By adding a frame to your prints, you can make the illusion of higher value, giving you more control over their pricing.
  • Protection – Besides aesthetic and monetary value, adding frames to your art prints can protect your work from potential wear and tear.
  • Branding and Identity –Adding a custom frame to your art prints allows you to add a personal touch, making them more distinct and recognisable as your brand.

The Cons of Framing Your Art Prints

On the other side, framing art prints may not be the best decision for some artists. Before trying, consider the following:

  • Higher Costs–The option to frame your art prints may cost more, especially if you are not partnered with a third-party service. Depending on the size and customisation, they can be expensive.
  • Limited Options – You may want a specific frame design that is difficult to find, forcing you to spend more on customisation.

The Verdict

Ultimately, deciding whether to frame your art prints is up to you. If you think your art prints need more enhancement or a touch of your style, framing may be your best solution.

It is always good to partner with a reliable print-on-demand service that can ease the burden of printing, framing, and logistics for you. To help you focus more on the creative side of fine art printing, allow Printribe to handle all your art print administrative responsibilities.