5 Things to Check in Health Screening for Men 

Health is equally important for men and women. But as a kid, I saw how my father ruined his health by being reckless. He smoked every day for at least three times a day, leading to lung cancer. He was a good father to us, but his health had become an issue because he couldn’t take care of us when he was hospitalised. And fortunately, my father recovered; since then, he has become more health conscious by attending regular health screening for men

Now that I’m also a father, I want to stay healthy to look after my children. Even though I’m still young at age 38, I go to regular check-ups as part of my healthcare routine. There are diseases that I need to look after specifically for the male anatomy. So, here are the health screenings men should get checked for better information.

5 Things to Check in Health Screening for Men

Biologically speaking, men and women are different, as do their health issues. Although there are many gender expressions and sexualities in real life, health issues can be divided into two categories(men and women). As a father, I aim to stay healthy to take care of my children for a long time, even when I reach old age! Here are the five things to consult when I attend a full body check up.

1. Prostate Cancer Exams

Statistically speaking, 1 in 8 men will develop prostate cancer as they age. I know I’m getting younger, and one day I will reach 60 or even 80. And so when attending health screening for men, I request to have a prostate cancer exam to know that I’m prone to the disease. This way, I can see my children grow to become productive adults.

2. Diabetes

Diabetes can affect both men and women. But men are more susceptible because they store more fat in the belly. I tried to stay fit and active, but my metabolism slowed. So, I checked for diabetes to know whether I needed to change my diet and lifestyle. This way, I can prepare healthy meals that can help prevent diabetes.

3. Screening for Blood Pressure

Anyone can get sick because of an unhealthy lifestyle. I am scared of the thought of heart attack and stroke due to blood pressure. I don’t want to experience this as it can affect my children’s upbringing. So, when attending men and women health screening, I also encourage my wife to have a blood pressure test.

4. Mental Health Issues

Everyone is prone to mental health issues; luckily, the current generation is encouraging men to be more open about their feelings. So, when attending a health screening for men, I also consult a psychiatrist or psychologist to check if I’m mentally and emotionally okay. By doing so, I can become a better parent to my children.

5. Obesity and Weight Gain Issues

We have a family history of obesity due to an unhealthy lifestyle. I want to change this and become an excellent example for my children. During a full body check up, I also check my weight to see if it’s proportionate to my height and age. With this, I can ensure that I can alter my diet should I need to change it.

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