6 Benefits of Hair Growth Serum from Trusted Singapore Brands

Most hair growth serum options in Singapore or abroad are silicon-based hair care products that make hair soft and shiny. Unlike oils, they do not penetrate the hair shaft. Instead, hair serums linger on the surface of your hair, providing a thin protective coating. The following are the benefits of using the best hair growth serum formulas for your hair types.

#1 Sun Protection

As mentioned above, hair growth serum products in Singapore and abroad form a protective layer on your hair. It does not only make your hair appear shiny and feel softer. The protective coating can ensure that your hair will not develop sun damage.

#2 Avoid Damage Due to Pollution & Humidity

The best hair growth serum formulations can also protect your hair from damage due to humidity and pollution. Since the formula coats each strand of your hair, it can keep away harmful chemicals from the air, dirt, grime and pollution.

#3 Tame Frizz

Hair serums are ideal hair products in Singapore and abroad to help you with many hair issues. Since it coats each hair strand, the formulations make your hair soft and manageable.

#4 Avoid Hair Damage

Some of the best hair growth serum formulations can help you avoid other elements that can damage your hair. These hair products in stores around Singapore and abroad have low pH levels to ensure nothing happens to your hair.

#5 Promotes Hair Growth

The best hair growth serum formulations soften the strands by hydrating and nourishing them. Hence, it can help minimise hair fall and promote a thicker, healthier mane. It increases the volume of your hair and encourages hair renewal.

#6 Restores Natural Hair Oils

Your hair can get damaged due to the harsh formulations of hair products like hairsprays, mousses and dyes. Overusing styling equipment can also cause strand damage and result in dry and lifeless hair. The best hair growth serum will rejuvenate lifeless and dull hair by replacing lost moisture.

A decent hair serum may be a lifesaver since it provides a speedy remedy for damaged hair. Using hair growth serum from reputable Singapore brands will rescue you from a bad hair day. It can instantly revitalise your dull and damaged hair. However, always apply it to clean, washed hair to reap the most advantages.

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