Real Estate

Features of Sithonia for permanent residence

Greece offers foreigners several options for obtaining a residence permit, and one of the simplest, but most costly ways is to buy Athens luxury estate. It allows you to attract wealthy foreign citizens, as well as improve the construction sector of the state. A residence permit in Greece based on real estate ownership is also called a “golden visa”, and for good reason, because it opens up great opportunities for foreigners, and also does not require staying in the country for a certain period of time.

What can you see in Sithonia?

Unlike other areas of Greece, the Sithonia Peninsula is cut off from the influence of modern technology, but at the same time, it has a fairly developed infrastructure and everything necessary to meet ordinary and domestic needs. However, the main difference of Sithonia, which makes it unique, is its wild nature untouched by modernity, calmness, silence, and all the conditions for relaxation.

Where to go and what to see while taking villas for rent in Sithonia Halkidiki:

  • In the western part of the peninsula there are beautiful bays that are hidden in the evergreen hills and seem to be specially created to protect the crystal clear water from human eyes.
  • Fans of noisy parties can visit tourist centers, where there are many shops and clubs for vacationers.
  • If you are bored with Sithonia, then you can order a transfer to the central part of Halkidiki or go to visit your neighbors – the peninsula of Kassandra and Athos.

Climate and weather on the peninsula

The resort period in Greece on Halkidiki is the season from April to October. The strongest influx of tourists begins in the first month of summer and ends in September. The peninsula of Halkidiki is much warmer than the rest of northern Greece, and the beach season is already open in May.