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My Short Term Apartment Rental Experience: 5 Appealing Reasons Behind Them 

The idea of renting apartments and going from one place to another might raise a few eyebrows because some people prefer to invest in a property they call their own or avoid moving frequently. Well. They might be correct in most cases, and I respect their opinions because to each their own. However, getting a short term apartment rental was the best thing that has happened to me, and here is a narration of my experiences and the appealing reasons to take them:


I had to take a temporary career opportunity far from my current place, where I have lived for more than five years, paying monthly rental fees. I chose to move, despite the short duration, because of the convenience it offers. This place means avoiding the daily commute and time I might have wasted waiting in line and getting from point A to B.


Investing in a property is a commitment, and as someone who seeks to explore many places and try to get as many opportunities as possible, renting and moving from one apartment for rent in Singapore to another matches my lifestyle. With this, flexibility is another selling point of short-term rentals because they cater to those with short commitments or anything that does not require them to move permanently.


As much as I want to invest in a property I call my own, there is a sense of control when you can move from one place to another and be able to finish a contract and leave the place. I did not hesitate to take this apartment for rent in Singapore with a short term contract because of my lifestyle and location preferences. Also, I can choose to extend my stay or move to another place that would have given me more convenience.


Being young means enjoying your life and facing many opportunities you can take for growth and success. It might be the reason I prefer to skip the property investment quest in this game called life or do short and long-term rentals. Besides, I do have plans on getting a property for my retirement, investment, and life goals. If you rent an apartment in Singapore that works, then you have made the right choice, and never pressure yourself into investing or doing whatever most people are suggesting.


Since this career opportunity might not be around for too long, the great thing about choosing a short-term service apartment in SG is the possibility of some sudden change of plans. I can choose to extend my stay depending on the outcome of things or go back to my original apartment. These things mean a lot to me, especially since I am someone who plans and wants to make things organised and convenient.

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